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8/5/23 -  Summer at the Shore 2023 will be held on this date at Fitzpatricks in Somers Point, NJ. 





3/7/2023 -  The 64th class reunion was held on March 7, 2003 at the City Line Hilton. The fascility was great, the food was great, the attendees were great (as usual) and we were entertained by a performance on the flute by Richard Smith.

10/30/19 - The Fall dinner was held at Phil's Tevern, Blue Bell. Pa 7PM

8/5/17 - Summer at the Shore occurred on Saturday, August 5, 2017 at Fitzpatrick's Deli and Steak Restaurant. As usual, well attended and lots of fun.

5/21/2017 - The Spring Brunch was held at the Germantown Cricket Club and was well attended. I can't comment further as I was not there, attending my son's college graduation.

3/8/2017 - The Spring Dinner was held at Cavanaugh's, once again, and was attended by about 18 to 20 classmates. Much discussion about future events, ie Summer at the Shore and our, upcoming, 60th reunion. More discussion and fact finding is in the works.

10/16/2016 - Our Fall dinner was held at Cavanaugh's in Head House Square. Our numbers keep growing - three new classmates joined us for a wonderful time. All enjoyed the new venue.

8/6/2016 - Summer at the Shore - Great turn out, lots of camaraderie and food was more than ample. Once again, hats off to Syl Gross for putting it all together.

5/14/16 - 75th Birthday Party - Event was held at the Hilton City Line Ave and was a rousing success. Check the Photo Album for pictures of the event.

2/11/16 - Spring Dinner back at Rembrandt's - one more time.  

10/20/15 - Fall dinner at Rembrandt's - Largest table setting so far (28), however several couldn't make it so the turnout was about 22. A great time was had by all and information regarding the upcoming 75th birthday party was discussed.
8/1/15 - Summer at the Shore - Fitzpatrick's in Somers Point. Another fun time with good turnout. Cudos, once more, to Syl for arranging this event.
4/19/15 - Spring Brunch at the Germantown Cricket club. Great brunch, good turn out, lots of fun.
2/11/15 - Best dinner turnout ever. Twenty six classmates showed up, including new attendees Fred Friend, Bill Geissel and Lew Levin. We're looking for a new venue, since Jack's Firehouse has outlived it's usefullness.
11/4/14 - Good turnout at Jack's Firehouse. Welcome to new classmates attending - Ray Smith and Malcolm Polis.
8/16/14 - Summer at the Shore - Another big turnout at Fitzpatrick's in Somers Point. 

4/12/2014 - The 55th Reunion was a howling success. Lots of new classmates showed up, the venue was perfect and everyone had a blast. Special awards were given to Ira Brind, Marv Samsom and Evan Haines.

2/11/2014 - The Winter/Spring dinner at Jack's Firehouse was, again, a fun evening. Seventeen classmates participated, including one new face in the crowd. Many regulars were out of town for the winter (must be nice). There was some discussion about the upcoming reunion, some volunteered to call non or late respondants and plans will be made for the Fall Dinner (sometime in October). A photo of the evening's group will be posted as soon as it is received from our (by default) class photographer (J. Otis).

10/21/2013 - Fall dinner at Jack's Firehouse was attended by 26 classmates. Thanks to Evan Haines for making 20 calls and getting some new attendees. All had a great time and all missed Sam.

8/10/2013 - Summer at the shore, another fun time. About 28 folks got together at Fitzpatrick's Deli and Steakhouse (I know, it sounds wrong) in Somers Point. Thanks to Syl Gross and Art Sklar for checking lots of places and circling back to last year's venue for the best food and price. Several out of towners attended, including one from Cambodia.

4/21/2013 - Spring/Summer Brunch at the Germantown Cricket Club. A wonderful event at a great place. Many thanks to Bruce Eisenstein for setting it up.

2/19/13 - Spring Dinner at Jack's Firehouse was, again, lots of fun with about 20 classmates attending. Sam was on her game and was a delightful participant (for those not there - you'll never know)

11/13/12 - Winter dinner at Jack's Firehouse was lots of fun and had 18 attendees. Food was great and service was exceptional. 

8/11/12 - Summer at the Shore - The event was held at Fitpatrick's Deli and Steak House in Somers Point, NJ. Forty-one classmates and spouses were in attendance and all had a wonderful time. Seems like friendships grow stronger and stronger every time we meet. Many thanks, again, to Syl and Judy Gross for putting this together.

5/6/2012 - The Fourth Annual Brunch was held on Sunday, May 6, 2012 at the same place (the old Warwick Hotel). Thirty six classmates and spouses attended and we, suprisingly, continue to enjoy each others company. The only negative was the stale mini-bagels which were replaced with regular, fresh bagels immediately.

2/7/12 Winter/Spring dinner was held at Jack's Firehouse and was attended by 16 classmates, with 9 either out of town or otherwise engaged. Everyone enjoyed the change to Jack's and we will probably go back.

11/9/11 Fall Dinner - Another great event at Rembrandt's with 16 classmates enjoying the evening with cocktails and dinner. Several of the regulars were away with various excuses like vacations, a wedding in Mexico, etc. Certainly nothing that should have stopped them from attending our dinner. Oh well!! 

8/20/11 Summer at the Shore - Due to limited response, Judy and Sylvan Gross gererously offered their place in Longport as the event site. A nice crowd showed up and, as usual, all had a wonderful time.

5/15/11 Annual Brunch - Same Place, Same Time - Well attended with 44 scheduled and about 40 showing up. All enjoyed the food and camaraderie

1/19/2011 Dinner at  Rembrandt's 6:30 Wednesday. Not to be redundant, but it was another fun evening. Attendees numbered 24 and we discussed a possible change of venue for the next dinner.

10/5/10  Dinner at Rembrandt's 6:30pm, Tueday. Another well attended event with 22 attendees. All had a great time, marred only by the news that Alan Lerner was extremely ill. An obituary followed several days later. As was stated in so many emails, we lost one of the good guys. Rest in Peace, Alan.

7/31/10  Summer at the shore - Socializing, Reminiscing and Dinner at Ozzie's in Longport was attended by 31 classmates and their spouses. As usual, everyone has a great time and didn't want to leave. After dinner, we all adjourned to Syl and Judy Gross' condo (2 blocks away) and enjoyed cocktails and more conversation on their fabulous (and large) deck - facing the ocean. Ya shuda been there!!

5/2/10  Brunch (2nd Annual) at the Raddison-Warwick from 10am to 1pm - Well attended (about 35 people) some coming in from Florida 

2/23/10  Dinner at Rembrandt's 6pm  -  24 Attendees